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UL Cert

 American Underwriters Laboratories UL certification

Introduction to UL certification

UL is English Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) - the.UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also engaged in safety testing and identification of the larger non-governmental organizations. It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for public safety do test. It adopts scientific testing method to study the determination of various materials, devices, products, equipment, construction of life, property damage and the extent of the harm; sure, write, and issue the corresponding standards and help to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property caused by the data, and carry out the truth research business. In a word, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and management of safety certification business, its ultimate goal is to get the market with a security level of commodities, guaranteed to contribute to people's health and property safety. The product safety certification for the elimination of As an effective means of international trade technical barrier, UL also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade


UL was founded in 1894, the initial stage of UL on fire insurance departments to provide funds to maintain the action, until 1916, UL was completely independent. After a hundred years of development, UL has become a world famous certification body, has its own a set of strict management system, standards development and product certification program by.UL a security experts, government officials, consumers, education, public utilities, management of the Council on behalf of the insurance industry and Standards Department is composed of the daily work of the president and vice president. Currently, UL has five laboratories in the United States, headquartered in Chicago, north of the town of Northbrook, at the same time were set up corresponding laboratory in Taiwan and Hongkong.


Terminology interpretation of UL certification

AL "LISTING", "CLASSIFICATION", "OR RECOGNITION" (multiple column names, or approval)

An application made by an applicant and authorized to establish column names or accreditation services in the name of another party in the name of the applicant

AGENT (agent)

An individual or enterprise engaged in activities with UL in the name of an applicant

APPEALS PROCEDURE (complaint procedure)

If the customer engineering test or tracking test results with different opinions, can be related to the engineer or field representatives to discuss without fear of endangering after conclusion. If you can not get a satisfactory answer at this level, the customer can appeal to a higher level, until the president.

APPENDIX (attached)

A part of the detailed rules, which includes the responsibilities of the plant and Site Representatives, and the requirements for the relevant tests. It may also describe the tests carried out for samples sent to the UL

APPLICANT (applicant)

To apply UL to the components of the enterprise or individual product or system testing. In the law, the party will be responsible for testing and tracking services, and the results of the test and all information relating to rights. See also agent.

AUTHORIZATION PAGE (authorization page)

Archive on the front page of inspection service factory inspection order to authorize the following tracking inspection service (class L or class R) and permitted certification mark

CATEGORY CONTROL NUMBER (CCN) (class control number)

UL names, recognition, classification of service products in different categories of character representations. Such as AVLV2 said electronic line; QOWZ portable lamps. In general, XXXX products listed, XXXX2 approved products, XXXX7 products listed Canadian standards, XXXX8 Fu said Canada approved product standards.


A part of the product is required to test its performance and / or structure in addition to the part of the product as a whole, and the components may be column names, approved or non - listed components

CONDITION OF ACCEPTABILITY (applicable condition)

These items included in the approved or non specified parts of the report, but not as representative on site inspection basis. These projects based on the test results, indicating the parts and complete product restrictions and conditions. For example, in a switch in the report, may indicate that the product is in "applicable conditions" only for the following 1A current or below 125C temperature.

CONTROL NUMBER (control number)

One of the four possible components of the UL approval mark is specified by the UL. The control number may vary periodically depending on the product category and the different tracking service types


An identification mark used by a manufacturer who produces the same product in different factories to distinguish which plant is produced at which plant

FACTORY INSPECTION (factory inspection)


UL Services Project

UL product certification, the types of testing services can be divided into column names, accreditation and grading

1) name (LISTED): Generally speaking, the column name applies only to complete product and qualified personnel to replace or install various devices in the field, a variety of products belonging to the UL listing service include: home appliances, medical equipment, computer products, various types of electrical equipment and commercial buildings in the role, such as distribution system, fuse wires, switches and other electrical components. The UL listed products, listing mark can usually be marked on each product. UL listing mark usage.


2) accreditation (Recognized) Accreditation Service: a project of the UL service, the identification of the products only in the UL name, grade or other approved products as components, the use of raw materials. Approved products in the structure is not complete, or in the use of certain restrictions to ensure the expected safety performance. In most cases, approved product tracking service belong to R class. Approved products belonging to the L class electronic line (AVLV2), wire harness processing (ZKLU2), (ZPFW2), aluminum (DVVR2), and the metal flexible tube (DXUZ2). Recognized product requirements with the approval mark.


3) classification (Classification): classification service only to evaluate the specific hazards of products, or other standard except for the implementation of UL standard (including the internationally recognized standards, such as IEC and ISO standards) to evaluate products. Most grade products are not consumers use the product, but the industrial classification mark or commercial use products of.UL marks in the show that the products are restrictions and regulations in a certain range of identification by UL. For example, the industrial use of such chemical solvents, only to evaluate the possible occurrence of achieving the ignition temperature of the fire. The range of certain products and grading services listed the same service, but generally only on a certain product or certain aspects of evaluation, such as in the United States, medical X ray diagnosis instrument of this kind of equipment to comply with the national laws and relevant emission and radiation Beam accuracy is specified, but since UL only uses X ray as a graded product, it is only evaluated in terms of its mechanical, electrical, and other non radiative properties


4) multiple listing, recognition or classification of multiple multiple services: when a UL applicant in the name recognition or classification service, its products to another company in the name of production to meet the needs of sales, can apply for multiple listing, recognition of multiple or multiple grade service, get listed in this case next, another company recognition or classification manufacturers are allowed to use the name in the list of products, but the product of the company name, product code or other features of UL company that can be accepted, must be with the original name recognition or classification of products.


5) "AL" name recognition or classification service: UL if the applicant does not want to use their own name, the name recognition or classification service, he can apply for another firm (usually a retailer or wholesaler) in the name of the application name recognition or classification, which is called "AL" name recognition or classification the multiple listing service. And the difference between multiple recognition or multiple classification, service is the applicant not listed celebrities.


6) system certification service: as a member of the International Accreditation Committee, UL is widely involved in the ISO9000 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental protection certification, QS9000 automotive industry quality system certification and AS9000 aircraft industry quality system certification services. So far, there are 116 domestic factories to obtain UL certification; 21 of them are ISO9001 85 certification, ISO9002 certification, ISO14001 certification for 1, 9 for the QS9000 certification.

7) other services of UL: such as certification service, inspection service, fact judgment service, investigation service, etc.



UL certification required to submit information

Applicants submit information about the company and products

Written application: you should require UL company in writing to test your products

Company information: in Chinese and English, we provide detailed and accurate names, address, contact person, postal code, telephone and fax in both Chinese and English

(a) applicant company: a company that proposes product testing applications and is responsible for all project services

(b) name companies: companies listed in various product catalogs published by UL

(c) production plants: producers and producers of products

Product information: the product information should be provided in English. First of all, determine whether your product is within the scope of UL testing:

(a) the name of the product: the full name of the product

(b) product model: detailed list of all products, models, varieties or classification numbers that need to be tested

(c) the intended use of the product: for example: home, office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc.

(d), the part table: details of parts and models which product (classification), ratings, name of manufacturer. For insulation materials, please provide the name of raw materials, such as: GEPolycarbonate, LexanType104. when the parts has received UL certification or approval or, please show the specific type of parts, and indicate the UL file number.

(E) electrical performance: for electrical and electronic products, provide electrical schematics (wiring diagrams), electrical performance tables

(f) structural drawings: for most products, a product structure or explosion diagram, a burden list, etc. should be provided

(g) photos of products, instructions for use, safety items, installation instructions, etc.



UL certification application procedure

1. The applicant shall fill out the UL pre application form and fax or send us the application form, the product instruction and the technical documents together

2, the technical documents required by the applicant contain:

A, product manual

B, safety design documents (including key structural drawings, which reflect the distance of the climb, the clearance, the number of insulation and the thickness of the insulation)

C, product technical conditions (or enterprise standards)

D, product schematic diagram

E, product line diagram

F a list of key components or raw materials (please select products with UL certification mark)

G, or the safety components / raw material certification copy.

H, describe the relevant information / clear product name and its intended use, including a series of models, appropriate description and list. If the same time for different types of products, detailed description of other models and specified by the prototype of the similarities and differences, which helps to reduce the test time and reduce test cost.

3, according to the information provided by the applicant (in English) (if you need to apply for the CUL logo at the same time, please specify), UL will determine the corresponding test standards and offer (excluding factory inspection fees for the first time)

4, if the applicant accepts the quotation, it will sign the quotation

5, UL issued a formal agreement (Agreements)

6, read and sign the application form and tracking service agreement carefully, and pay the test fee (Mei Jin) and test or agency fee (RMB) as required. Send the sample to the designated laboratory as requested

7, the product inspection, such as the product does not meet the requirements, UL rendezvous notify the applicant, indicating non conformities, the applicant needs to decide whether to change or re send samples

8, we want customers to buy UL standards so that you can understand the requirements of UL

9, after the product test qualified, the UL factory inspection department all visit the factory, determine whether the production conforms to the procedure request (IPI),.IPI passes, the applicant can send the product which has the UL mark

10, the UL factory inspection department will visit the factory regularly to help your listed products consistently meet the safety requirements of UL

11, note: the components / raw materials - please provide with your product list of safety components or materials, requirements include the manufacturer name, specifications, or his ratings, and whether to obtain UL approval or listing. We provide a blank components / raw material list table use your reference.



1, the structure of UL certification standard

Generally speaking, the structure of UL certification standards can be roughly divided into:

Scope of the product covered by the 1. standard;

2. product structure requirements;

3. requirements for raw materials used in the product;

4. requirements for components used in the product;

5.UL laboratory requirements and test methods for sample test instruments;

6. test equipment requirements and test methods for manufacturers and factories;

7. product specifications and specifications requirements



POCEtest UL authorization

POCE WTDP authorization of the two standards of UL60950-1 and UL 60065, that is, all pre test and eyewitness testing can be completed in treasure, which greatly shortens the authentication cycle:





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