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Machines Directives

Mechanical CE certification

According to the EU Machinery Directive (MD) regulations, any use in the territory of Europe's manufacturing machinery, whether European countries, or export machinery shall comply with the relevant European standards, but also must be pasted CE on the mechanical body, used to express the machinery to meet safety standards, to be legal in Europe for sale and use.

Machinery CE certification scope

1. kinds of machine tools

Punch, lathe, milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, broaching machine......

2. rubber and plastic machinery

Injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extrusion machine, compression and die casting machine, die cutting machine

The reaction of grinding machine, molding machine......

3. woodworking machinery

Wood sawing machine, wood processing of multi chip sawing machine, wood planer, wooden tenon machine work, shaving machine......

4. packaging machinery

Packaging machine, sealing machine, tray and tray unloader machine, packaging machine, labeling machine, loading and unloading machine......

5. printing machine and paper machine

Printing machine, paper machine......

6. food machinery

The cake and cake making machine, dough processing equipment, vegetable peeling machine, mixer, centrifuge processing of edible oil and grease, shell peeled and film removing machine, slicing machine, vegetable cutting machine......

7. leather machinery

Reciprocating roller machine, crude purification polishing and finishing machine, shoe last machine, shoe press......

8. agricultural and forestry machinery

Walking electric lawn mower, pruning shears, front loader, unloader, drum machine for irrigation, mower, cultivator, electric hoe, tractor, soil tillage machine, mud tank, vine cutting turnover machine, fertilizing machine, harvester......

9. construction machinery

The machine used in the production of construction products and Portland concrete block making machine, sliding and rotating machine......

10. engineering machinery

Bulldozers, excavators, cranes, cranes, tractors, piling machinery, trenching machine, pipe laying machine, dumpers, scraper, Pavement Research Press, soil stabilization machine, tunnel excavation machinery......

11. machine tools

The hand-held electric tools: all kinds of hammer (chisel hammer, hammer, rotary hammer, hammer, hammer), various types of saws (chain saws, reciprocating saw, band saw, circular saw), wrench, grinding machine, polishing machine, spray gun, circular knife, knife, nail machine, engraving machine, needle scalers, repair cutting machine, drilling machine, planer and thin version of the machine, shears and nibblers, tapping machine......

Portable electric tools: circular saw, grinder, single spindle vertical molding machine, miter saw......

Non electric hand-held tools: power and transmission assembly tools fasteners, cutting and crimping power tools, drill and tapping machine, non rotary percussive power tools, drilling machine, grinder, polishing machine, grinding machine, compression power tools, nibbling machine, shearing machine, small reciprocating saw......

12. of household and similar electrical machinery

The walking electric mowers control battery, commercial electric kitchen machines, automatic processing machine version for industrial and commercial use, electrically operated mower side push control......

13. other machinery

Industrial washing machine, textile machine, hardware machinery, EDM machine, laser machine, industrial trucks, lifting platform, heat treatment equipment industry......

The factory needs to work with

CE certification process is relatively complex, which relates to the technical level is more, need to plant engineers to cooperate to complete. There are mainly work with:

1 dispatch, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, engineer, manual production personnel to participate in training courses;

2, learn and understand the relevant safety standards;

3, according to the report and improve relevant EU safety standards improve machine;

4, finishing production of CE certification required for basic technical information;

5, with the POCE Engineer for mechanical product testing.












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