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Battery Testing

Battery Testing

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1. battery certification introduction

With the development of electronic, information and communication and other products towards wireless, portable direction, for the high performance of the product components to "light, thin, short, small forward" target, battery power supply best has been widely used, but in recent years the global battery recall incident sparked international concerns about the safety of battery products; at the same time, the market supervision institutions of other countries to increase the supervision of battery products, domestic battery manufacturers are facing challenges. The improvement of product quality testing, abou in recent years has gradually strengthened the battery testing effort, improve a variety of battery testing equipment provided full battery testing and certification services for customers, ensure that the battery quality can meet the requirements of the international standard.


2. certified product range

Primary batteries, ordinary dry cells, alkaline manganese zinc batteries, lithium manganese batteries, zinc silver batteries, zinc air batteries, and lithium iodine batteries...

Two nickel batteries, Ni Cd batteries, Ni MH batteries...

Mobile phone lithium battery, lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery...

All kinds of digital two batteries, notebook computers, batteries, digital cameras, batteries, camcorders, batteries, various cylindrical batteries, wireless communications batteries, portable DVD batteries, CD and MP3 players, batteries, tablet computers, batteries, etc....


3 battery test items

(1) environmental testing (Environmental, testing);

Height simulation test

Temperature cycle test

Heat abuse test

(2) mechanical test (Mechanical, testing);

Vibration test

Mechanical shock test

Free fall test

Extrusion test

Weight impact test

(3) electrical testing (Electrical, testing);

Rated capacity test

Over discharge test

Forced discharge test

External short-circuit test

Internal resistance test

Discharge performance test

Overcharge test

High rate charge test

Endurance life test

Charge maintenance and recovery test

(4) fire exposure experiment;

Combustion projectile test

(5) design evaluation

Forced internal short circuit test

(6) mechanical test (Mechanical, testing);

Package Drop Test

(7) explosion proof test;

(8) electrostatic discharge test (Electrostatic, discharge);

(9) electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC testing);

(10) battery chemical analysis test (Electrochemical, analysis);

(11) analysis of battery materials (Battery, materials, analysis);


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