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Chemical Material Testing

Detection of phthalates in two formic acid esters

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Detection of phthalates in two formic acid esters

Legal basis

EU REACH regulation requirements for the control of phthalate two formic acid esters;

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) SEC108 part of the phthalate two formic acid control requirements

Council of the European Union and the Council of the European Union (2011/65/EU) Rewrite instructions on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, i.e., RoHS2.0.


Scope of application

Substances used in the European Union for the manufacture, sale and import of intermediates, other than those exempted from special substances

Toys or child care products in the United States, accessible plastic material or any material that may contain phthalates two

Apply to put in the EU market, Annex 1 list of 11 categories of electrical and electronic products and related components, materials and other 11 categories of products include: large household appliances and small household appliances; IT; communication equipment; consumer equipment; lighting equipment; electric tools; toys, leisure and sports equipment; medical equipment; video control the



laws and regulations

Control substance

Oeko-Tex Standard







Appendix XVII restriction requirements


1. in toys or childcare products, the total mass fraction of three kinds of phthalate in plasticized materials shall not exceed 0.1%;

2. toys or child care products contain less than two of phthalate esters in the plasticized materials and shall not be put on the market when their mass fraction is greater than 0.1%;

3. the Commission shall before January 16, 2010, according to new scientific information of these substances and its substitutes on provisions of the assessment, and accordingly revised.


1. children can be placed in the mouth of toys or child care products, as a substance or mixture, in the plasticized material, three kinds of phthalate quality shall not be greater than 0.1%;

2. children who can be placed in the mouth of toys or child care products in the plasticized materials, including the listed phthalate two formic ester, mass fraction is greater than 0.1%, shall not be put on the market;

3. ibid., third

SVHC candidate list

DEHP、DBPBBPDIBPDHNUPDIHPDMEPDIPP、The adjacent benzene two formic acid amyl isoamyl ester, branched and linear 1,2- carboxyl two amyl benzene two, adjacent benzene two formic acid two amyl acetate, hexyl phthalate two formic acid two, benzene two formic acid two (branched and linear) hexyl benzene carboxylic acid, 1,2- two, 6-10- two carbon alkyl ester

If the item exists in the SVHC (SVHC) concentration for any candidate list of more than 0.1% (w/w), you need to transfer the relevant information to the safe use of goods, such as the material each year on the EU market of more than 1 tons, must also be communicated to the ECHA.


Appendix XIV authorization requirements



If the substance of the appendix XIV is still desired during the deadline stipulated by the regulations, it is necessary to submit an application to the European Chemicals authority (ECHA) for approval before use

EU RoHS regulations



The limit requirements for homogeneous materials in electrical and electronic products shall not exceed 0.1%

American CPSIA


A permanent ban on "children's toys" or "child care products" at concentrations exceeding 0.1% (single species of phthalates)


A transitional ban prohibits the inclusion of "children's toys" or "child care products" in the mouth with a concentration of over 0.1% (single species of phthalates)



EU REACH regulation - "child care products" means any product that helps sleep, relax, hygiene, feed children, or suck children

The United States CPSIA - "children's toys" means is mainly intended for children 12 years of age or under 12 years of age in the play of the product; "child care products" means no more than 3 year old children in sleep, feeding, sucking or using molar items.

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