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Chemical Material Testing

LFGB testing

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LFGB  testing

German LFGB (LMBG) certification

In September 2005, the new German food and food supplies LFGB instead of food and daily necessities LMBG. it is also known as "food, tobacco products, cosmetics and other daily necessities management law" is the German food health management is the most important basic legal documents, other special food hygiene law, rules and regulations of the core. But in recent years have also been modified, and is the European standard match. Regulations stipulates the general and fundamental aspects of German food, all food in the German market and all food related products must comply with the basic provisions above it. Daily necessities and food contact through the test, in accordance with German food and daily necessities by < > thirtieth and thirty-one, can be obtained LFGB certificate issued by the inspection report authority "does not contain toxic chemicals products", and in German market

First, LFGB certification knife and fork logo significance

A knife and fork sign is a food safety signs. In daily contact with food, if there is a knife and fork logo, said the product has passed with many German and European standards, to meet the requirements of the German LFGB regulations, that does not contain toxic substances harmful to human body, can be in Germany and other European and American market in sales. The European market, with knife and fork logo products can enhance customer confidence and the desire to buy, is a powerful marketing tool, greatly increasing the competitiveness of products in the market.

Two, LFGB certification covers the product range

LFGB test for all materials, including production with the latest technology products, such as barbecue cooking pan Tefulong chromium coating, coating temperature resistance test, the kettle in the silicone seal test. Including usually relates to the field of ceramic, synthetic plastics, PVC, plasticizer, paper products, leather, textiles, cosmetics, tobacco and so on. The products include: toasters, toaster, electric kettle and other products in contact with food products; food storage; glass cutting board, stainless steel pots and other kitchen utensils; bowl, knife and fork, spoon, cup type tableware; clothing, bedding, towels, wig, false eyelashes, hat, diapers and other sanitary articles, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves, handbags, watchband, wallet, briefcase, chair of coating materials; textile or leather toys and textile or leather clothing containing toys; the direct use of yarn and Fabrics; various cosmetics and tobacco products



Three, LFGB certification includes testing items

Under normal circumstances, the LFGB Germany food and Consumer Goods Act Article thirtieth and thirty-first includes the following test items:

1. preliminary inspection of samples and materials

2. sensory evaluation of odor and taste transfer

3. plastic samples: Test of transferable components and testing of precipitated heavy metals

4. metals: composition and testing of heavy metals

5. silicone: Test for organic compounds that can be transferred or volatilized

6. special materials: chemical hazards tested in accordance with German chemical law


Four, other testing items included in the regulations include:

1. determination of certain azo dyes used in daily necessities such as textiles, leather and polyester fibres

2. tests for harmful chemicals and heavy metals in cosmetics

3. testing of harmful components in tobacco



Five, LFGB certification process

1. consulting --- the applicant provides the product information, provides the sample

2. quotation --- according to the sample provided by the applicant, the product technical engineer will evaluate the items to be tested and quote to the applicant

3. the applicant accepts the offer

4. sign the contract

5. sample testing the test will be carried out in accordance with applicable standards

6. test report

7. issue certificate of conformity to LFGB test


Six, important changes in the new legislation:

- in German law, the implementation of the EU directive No.178/2002 (food safety requirements, food and catering operator responsibilities)

- tobacco is outside the new LFGB and will introduce temporary regulations on tobacco

- extended prohibition of misleading statements on materials and commodities in contact with foodstuffs

- no major changes have been made to safety testing of materials and commodities in contact with foodstuffs




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