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Energy Efficiency Testing

US DOE energy efficiency certification

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       The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued DOE certification in accordance with US energy efficiency regulations, which is the source of DOE certification.
       The main purpose of DOE's DOE certification is to save energy and reduce emissions and help users save energy, so as to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse effect. All products in the DOE certification category now need to meet the requirements of the latest laws and regulations.
       The US federal regulations (10 CFR 430) have clearly stated that all external power supplies entering the US market should achieve a minimum energy efficiency rating: level IV and clearly marked on the product. Not only that, but manufacturers and brands are also required to submit two important declaration documents to DOE. The first is that the product meets federal regulations for compliance with energy efficiency requirements.
The second is the product's First Certification Report. Both documents must be mailed to the US Department of Energy (DOE).
       Document preparation shall be completed in accordance with the format published by DOE, where the certificate report may be submitted to a third party on behalf of the manufacturer/brand. The information reported on the document should cover the product class, manufacturer/brand name, performance (%), power consumption (W) at no load, and rated output power (W) for each single model. Anbotek can do US DOE6 energy efficiency certification
DOE certification standards and regulations:
       US federal regulations: 10 CFR 429 and 10 CFR 430;
       Among them, 10CFR429 specifies sample selection specifications and reporting specifications;
       10CFR430 specifies test methods and compliance declaration specifications.


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