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Fingertip gyro CCC authentication GB6675

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Fingertip gyro CCC authentication GB6675

Finger Spinner aka fingertip gyroscope in foreign countries, is a kind of a bearing symmetrical structure, can the fingers turned over the little toy; from the beginning of 2016 in North America, now has Huobian INS circle of friends, at present in the market Chinese many manufacturers have to take orders at home and abroad, the production of fingertip gyro, so at the same time orders will account for the testing and certification.
Fingertip gyro CCC certification standards Chinese:
1. GB6675.1-2014 Chinese toy safety first part of the basic norms
2. GB6675.2-2014 Chinese toy safety second part mechanical and physical properties
3. GB6675.3-2014 China toy safety third part flammability
4. GB6675.4-2014 China toy safety fourth

1.authentication mode and certified conditions
1.1 authentication mode
Type test (Declaration of conformity) after obtaining the certificate of supervision
Note: if the certificate is revoked or by the certified product quality problems by administrative punishments, the original holder again apply for certification, or the client submitted information need on-site verification, certification bodies can advance the implementation of the factory quality assurance ability inspection and product consistency check, and may take the sampling for product testing (see
1.2 certified conditions
1) GB products meet 6675< national toy safety technical specification > standard requirements.
2) the factory quality assurance ability to meet the "compulsory certification of toys factory quality assurance capability requirements >.
3) corporate client, manufacturer, factory) submitted to the factory quality assurance ability and products to the certification institution
Continue to meet the certification requirements of declaration of conformity.
Note: OEM mode (ODM) production products to obtain the certificate holder, shall not be certified as a result of cooperation with other manufacturers to apply for certification basis.

2.basic aspects of certification
The certification application
The type test (Declaration of conformity)
The results of evaluation and approval of certification
After obtaining the certificate of supervision of the

3.general requirements for certification
3.1 certification application
Division 3.1.1 certification unit
The client shall according to the unit to apply for certification bodies approved by the certificate unit.
The same client, the same manufacturer, the same factory production, and in accordance with the table below the principle of dividing a product unit
Or the product family as a unit.
Need to submit the application for certification 3.1.2 certification information
According to the client authentication application unit to submit application for certification to the designated certification organizations, and submit the following documents:
1) client, manufacturer, factory or legal documents registration registration.
2) production factory
A (general) production plant for the production scale, production capacity and history);
B) list of key production equipment factory;
C) list of main testing instrument and equipment factory (include: the name, type, specifications, quantity, accuracy,
Verification cycle etc.);
D) production plant to meet the "compulsory certification of toys factory quality assurance requirements > quality management document
(usually in the first to apply for certification and / or quality management file version change / major changes should be submitted) and organization
3) information about products
Information about products usually include relevant content for table and apply for certification of products.
4) to identify all the main characteristics of the certified product photos or pictures and the necessary text or size.
5) the key raw materials, spare parts list
6) the principal of distributors, importers, shall apply to the designated certification organizations submitted at the same time with the producer or seller
A copy of the contract related importer and a producer.
7) the client entrusts others to handle authentication, should be entrusted with the person to enter into the relevant certification, testing, inspection and supervision
The governor and other matters of attorney or contract. When applying for certification, the trustee shall submit signed to the designated certification bodies at the same time
The power of attorney or a copy of the contract.
8) other documents required by designated certification organizations.

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