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The EU rapid alert system for non food consumer goods (RAPEX) risk sharing product information on the European market quickly and effectively help between EU Member States and the European Commission system, and inform consumers of the potential harm of their health and safety.
In 2016, the European Commission issued 2044 cases concerning the consumer goods constitute a risk to the health and safety of the communication through RAPEX system, which has a serious risk report for 1691 cases, compared with 2015 data is slightly lower.

Notification category
Bulletin of the five risk categories accounted for 82% of the total number of the most informed, the chemical injury risk ranked second, ranked first in the 2015 chemical injury risk, 2014 chemical injury risk ranked second, accounting for higher. Bulletin of product category mainly in textiles, toys, automotive, electrical and electronic products and other harmful substances are mainly concentrated in the. Phthalic acid esters two, heavy metals and so on.


Bulletin of country of origin of goods
China's relevant agencies and RAPEX launched a close cooperation, to take positive measures to cope with all domestic reporting to be informed of the product.2016 released by the RAPEX system, there are 53% products in the country of origin for the Chinese Bulletin (including Hongkong), than in 2015 decreased by 9%


POCE service
POCE as a professional third party inspection agency, can not only provide a test for the customer, inspection and verification services, but also according to their own enterprises, to provide customers with professional, objective, comprehensive solution quality, enhance your product can be tailored to your various requirements of environmental protection and a one-stop solution in the global competitiveness.POCE.



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